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Top Home Health Nurse
Updates For 2023

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Let's get ahead start on preparing your OASIS assessments for the new changes that start in January 2022, by breaking down the top 3 updates step-by-step with this simple framework to lead you through each complex change.

pdgm made simple with nursing action items"™

"A long time coming" is exactly what PDGM is, and you need to know, understand, and use it to your benefit.  So, let's get you up to speed with PDGM and all of it's moving parts by using  this simple explanation fraemwork. 

functional impairment made simple with action items™  

"The most important piece of the PDGM pie" as it's called by many.  Which makes mastering it very important to your patients' safety and ability to be independent in their home.   Let's use this framework to go step-by-step through using OASIS to identify your patients' functional ability level.

know exactly which OASIS documentation changes you need to make for 2023 

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Top Home Health Nurse Documentation
Updates For 2023

hhvbp made simple with nursing action items™  

"Home Health Value-Based Purchasing" is it's name, and it's making its country-wide entrance in January 2022.  You need to use this framework to understand how all of this affects your paychecks.  

oasis collaboration made simple with action items™  

CMS had blessed you with the chance to use your team members and their assessment data to complete your OASIS assessments.  So, you'll use this framework to better communicate with your team members for OASIS documentation  completion,

I've been obsessed about helping home health nurses write their OASIS narrative notes WITHOUT the worry of placing their reputations or license in danger from the moment I became successful at it!

23+ home health agencies, 1,000+ nurses later I've created a method that helps home health nurses understand and write OASIS nursing narrative notes that shrinks their documentation time, gets approved quickly, and provides thousands of home health patients with the life saving care that they need.

I believe in you and the work that you do, and I'm so tired of seeing my colleagues stressed out over assessments and documentation that I've figured out and trained up on! So, I'm here to share what I've learned, created, and still have yet to learn! Let's get it!!!!

I'M trischana

your oasis + home health nurse educator

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the top 3 home health nurse documentation updates for 2022 that actually affect your paycheck.

the who, what, why, how, and what you need to do in order to be better prepared for 2022's OASIS updates.

the comprehensive approach and understanding of collaborating with your team members to get better results for your patients, while protecting yourself.