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oasis integrated visit vitals blueprint™ 

This is the "Mother-Load" of the entire cheat sheet where you'll follow the OASIS database step-by-step process to input every piece of your patient's  follow-up assessment data in the exact order that it's recalled in the CMS OASIS computer database that you ultimately submit to Medicare for visit reimbursement. This home health nurse assessment cheat sheet will save you time with data collection during your OASIS follow-up assessments, as well as when it's time to enter your data into your agency's OASIS computer database for submission.


To ensure that the new PDGM requirements are met during your OASIS follow-up assessment, this tool provides the new GG items in their exact order and location as they're found in the CMS OASIS computer database, saving you even more time with data collection during your OASIS follow-up assessments, as well as when it's time to enter your data into your agency's OASIS computer database for submission.


Let's create a patient database that makes sense to as well as benefits you, the home health nurse by using this tool to record and track all of the pertinent details of the in-home lab tests and blood draws that you perform for your OASIS follow-up assessment patients, creating valuable documentation to assist in your role as patient advocate, and protector of your nursing license.

know exactly what to collect and how much for your OASIS follow-up assessments.

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OASIS Follow-Up Assessment Cheat Sheet


Completing this tool after each of your F/U assessment is going to be crucial in saving your time and energy that can be placed towards more productive tasks. This tool serves as a "wrap-up" for all of the data that you've collected during your patient's F/U assessment to ensure that nothing was left out, and to initiate the process of intercommunication between all disciplines involved in your patient's plan of care.

I've been obsessed about helping home health nurses write their OASIS narrative notes WITHOUT the worry of placing their reputations or license in danger from the moment I became successful at it!

23+ home health agencies, 1,000+ nurses later I've created a method that helps home health nurses understand and write OASIS nursing narrative notes that shrinks their documentation time, gets approved quickly, and provides thousands of home health patients with the life saving care that they need.

I believe in you and the work that you do, and I'm so tired of seeing my colleagues stressed out over assessments and documentation that I've figured out and trained up on! So, I'm here to share what I've learned, created, and still have yet to learn! Let's get it!!!!

I'M trischana

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the required assessment data to collect in order to get your agency reimbursed for your services for every single assessment.

the methods for proficiently recording + tracking all in-home labs and blood draws you perform along with your patient's response to each. 

a step-by-step process that I've taught thousands of successful home health nurses to complete their OAsis f/u assessments that's proficient, and saves time, while establishing positive patient + agency rapport and protects your license.




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